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The Design Process

Home designing is a very fun and yet tiring activity. We get to work our creative side in planning and beautifying our homes. Even if the process of beautifying our home should be based on our taste, there are still some things that we should keep in mind when decorating our homes. Here are some simple things that are very helpful in making your homes look beautiful.

  1. Furniture – the type of furniture that you are going to use for your home is very important; it should match the theme of your house. If the design of your home is

“classical” then wooden furniture would best fit that, but if it is more of a modern type then using furniture that are made from metal or that has a futuristic look will greatly complement your style.

  1. Paint – the paint that you will apply to your home is also a very important factor in achieving a nice finish. If you are living in a house that only a very little amount of sunlight can get in then using a bright colored paint would be the best for you, but you should also consider if it fits the atmosphere of your house. Aside from that, you should also consider some important factors like the lighting, and the type of surface to be painted. Use light colors to make a room look bigger, and to paint long walls. Dark colors are intended to paint wall recess, and end walls of a long room.
  1. Frames – frames are also great to add to the beauty of your house. Frames are not just intended for paintings, they can also be used mirrors, photos, tapestries and memorabilia. Having a frame for these things will not just add beauty to t hem, but it will also add protection and ease in displaying these things on your wall.
  1. Lights – the lights that you are going to install in your house will also play a very important role. Choose a light that fits your needs. The traditional yellow bulb will have a romantic and classic look, but gives a dim light. While the white light gives you a modern and bright look.Though these things are necessary for creating a good looking home, these are not just the only way for you to design the internal part of your home. Ask your friends for advice on decorating your home.

Creating Beautiful Homes

Everyone deserves to live in a home that adds beauty to their everyday lives. However, many people feel intimidated, confused and overwhelmed when it comes to creating a home that truly reflects who they are and their own unique sense of style. By following these easy steps you will be well on your way to creating a living space that will make you feel comfortable and “at home” because it reflects who you are.

1) Get Inspired…

Who are you? What do you like? Where do you vacation? What colors are you drawn to? These are all questions that need to be answered…by you. For a bit of help, visit a bookstore, grab a latte and dig into the limitless supply of home magazines and books. As you begin to notice rooms, colors, ideas that get your attention, make note, buy those magazines and when you get them home start tearing out pages and marking what it is that grabbed you. You may need to do this a few times before you have a pretty good collection of “visions” to consider. You should begin to see some similarities developing in color and style.

2) Consider Your Senses…

You spend more time in your home than anyone else, therefore, it should be a place that makes you feel good. What is “good” to you? Cozy? Luxurious? Casual? Elegant? Formal? Relaxed? Light & Airy? Think about places you’ve visited that have renewed you, nourished you, excited or relaxed you. Was it a cozy country cottage inn? A light and airy beach bungalow? An elegant French chateau? What kind of place feeds your senses, nourishes your soul? When you define those elements you’ll want to then look for ways to incorporate them into your home.

3) Relax…

Once the pieces begin to come together…relax! Reflect, ponder, dream and envision your home becoming a sanctuary that welcomes you in and hugs you each time you come through the door. A place that makes you smile when you think of it. A haven you just can’t wait to get to get back to.

YES! Your home can be all of that! and more!

4) Get Comfortable…

Now you’re almost ready to make your game plan, but first you need to get comfortable with color!

Many of you are needlessly living with off-white walls simply because you’re afraid of color! Fear not! Color is a wonderful way to express your style. Color affects our moods and can set the tone and mood in a room in a way that off-white just can’t do! In the process of collecting your visions you came across colors that drew your attention, spoke to you. One of the best ways to transition into using color on your walls is to bring those pictures to the paint store, find those colors and buy them in the smallest size you can. Get some foam project boards and put 3 to 4 coats of your color on 2 or 3 boards.

¬†Then live with them for awhile. Move them around your room, look at them in daylight, candlelight, sunset, sunrise…you get the idea! This will help you become comfortable with the color. If it’s not quite right, go back to the paint store and try a lighter or darker version. Repeat the same process until you come up with just the right color. Then, after steps 5 & 6, go for it! You’ll be glad you did!

5) Make a Plan…

Now is when you’re going to put action into place! Make a list of all you want to accomplish in your home to transform it into your vision. Don’t hold back! Dream…be outrageous, if necessary! Of course you can’t do it all at once, but you need to have it written down so you can make a plan of action.

Once you’ve completed your list begin to prioritize the items. Where do you want to begin? What will be the second project, etc. When you’ve decided on your first project, break it down into smaller, manageable steps. Remember, “you can eat an elephant, one bite at a time.” My suggestion for the first place to begin is your bedroom. I know no one sees it except…you. Isn’t that the very reason why you’re on this journey? Your bedroom is the first place you see every morning and the last place you see every night! Doesn’t it make sense to make it the first place you transform into a sanctuary that reflects who you are?

6) Make Choices…

Now is the time to look at the elements in the space you’ve decided to transform. Look around…what do you see? Are there pieces you love? Keep those! Items you really dislike? Get rid of them! Things you’re not sure about? Remove them for now, perhaps you’ll bring them back at a later date. By removing elements you don’t like and those you’re not sure about you’ll free your mind to consider other options in their place. Now, what do you need to make your space complete? Make your list and begin your adventure of finding just the right pieces that reflect your style. This is a process, be patient, better to live with an empty space than to fill it with something that you don’t absolutely love.


When you are on this adventure, look everywhere. Traditional stores, thrift shops, discount stores, auctions, etc. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find once you’ve defined your style and have a focus! If something “speaks to your heart,” don’t walk away from it. Whatever it is, because you love it, it will work in your home. When you consistently bring things home that you love they will eventually all work together.

7) Enjoy!

You are well on your way to creating a home that is uniquely you! Be sure to make time to enjoy it and remember to enjoy the process along the way. Your home should be ever evolving, with little changes and updates every so often. This will keep it a current reflection of who you are as you grow more and more comfortable with expressing your own unique sense of style!